Indonesia Diversity - Most people like the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). The place is comfortable, neat, very clean, the facilities are quite complete, can be easily searched because the letaknnya quite strategic, the security is also quite satisfactory, the parking is neat, the scenery is also pretty good, just highly recommended for all circles, the service is very excellent, prioritizing the interests of customers, the price is also quite affordable, I hope hope the future can be better, so more and more who come to this place. I am very very strong with this place.

TMII The Cable Car Skylift is a pioneer vehicle for tourist attraction in Indonesia. This cable car have three stations A, B, and C. The line cable of station A-station B and station C or vice versa. Station A is east of the south car park in the arts and crafts village, B station is opposite the papua booth and close to the bird park, while C station is to the north of the north parking lot or near the snowbay waterpark.

For those of you who want to enjoy the scenery of TMII and miniature of the Indonesian archipelago from above I think sad this cable car is highly recommended, the price is not too expensive.
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