Indonesia Diversity - Qubah Mas Mosque also called the Dian Almahri mosque. This mosque built on the edge of the Meruyung highway, Limo, Depok in Limo District, Depok. Apart from being a place of worship for Muslims everyday, this mosque complex is also a family tourism area and attracts many people because of its domes made of gold. In addition, because of the vast area that is available and freely accessible to the public, this place is often a family vacation destination or just a place to rest.

This beautiful mosque with great decoration, there are some building near the mosque , but I don't know what are those exactly, the garden is very well laid out, the parking area was very spacious. There are different gates between man and woman, you should put off your shoes before come into the wudhu area, inside the mosque there are a few big pillars, feel comfort while read a holy quran, if you brings to much stuff you can put your stuff into deposit counter
The mosque is become a tourist attraction but hopefully not eliminate the essence of the mosque itself.
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