Indonesia Diversity - This park sets various entrance fee (domestic vs international tourists, walk in vs booking online, etc), so it's gonna be better if you guys make a reservation in advance before come to this park. Food and beverages are strictly prohibited to enter the park, the guard will check your bag thoroughly at the entrance gate. But don't worry, you'll find various food and beverages at the shops, but the prices are bit high.

After passing the entrance gate, the safari bus will take you the Barong Hall. And then you can continue to the park on walk through Kampung Bali gate. Tips: If you come here in the morning, better to watch animal, tiger, and elephant show sequentially, as the show time are close one to another. After finished watching the show, then you can continue to ride a safari bus, watching the animal at their "park".
Bali Safari and Marine Park is huge park segmented with shrines caf├ęs and souvenir shops with many opportunities to be photographed with tame Zoo animals. There are public shows timed that you can appreciate Zoo programs and animal conservation. Then ne taken on a safari in various world locations including local, India and Africa. You travel in a safe enclosed vehicle through these regions even through swamps rivers and bridges. The true beauty of this park is that the animals are located in large natural areas that resembles their natural range. This is a world class venue full of happy contented animals together with fine examples of the traditions of Bali Culture plus as you would expect,friendly and courteous staff.
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