Candi Boko, named from the name of queen ancient Javanese kingdom. His name is "Ratu Boko". In earlier times story, this location is Ratu Boko's palace. The large land area Boko Temple is 2,500 m². The large is almost same with Borobudur Temple. From the local belief, all statues from Boko Temple complex was removed to Borobudur Temple.

Indonesia Diversity - Ruin of Ratu Boko (Queen Boko)’s palace is one good place to see sunsets in Yogyakarta Central Java. Best time is during the dry season from February to August. Bring your coffee sit in the grass field behind the main entrance of the palace and wait there for the sky turns to orange and red. If you come earlier you can stroll around the complex to make some photos and selfies. If you prefer to come in the morning that will be fine too. This place has several good spots for photo sessions.
One of the favorite tourist destinations when visiting Yogyakarta. The location is not far from the city center. The parking lot is quite spacious. The ticket price is around 40 thousand rupiah for adults. The area of ​​the tourist area is very wide, but there are many places to rest. The air is very fresh and there are many places to photograph.

This is probably one of the best ancient places in around Jogja city. The strong point is that the site is actually perfect combination of several factors, namely historical value, nice ancient building, wide area of the complex and nice view from the hill.  In here, we can imagine what was the situation of ancient palace, building, layout and all conditions in many years ago.
For the future due to the potency to attract more tourists, this complex should be developed more advanced.
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