Indonesia Diversity - Borobudur Temple is a beautiful place to visit in the Jogjakarta. The Temple sits in a large park with trees and nature, it has well maintained pathways and looks like a well looked after place. The temple is very old and thought to have been buried in forest until the 1800s when it was rediscovered. The carvings on the temple are so intricate and the steps to the top are pretty amazing, definitely a wonder of our World.

From the Iconic and Historic Buddhist Temple, Borobudur also one of best ancient Temple in Indonesia, and this is one of Indonesian well known heritage in the World. This is really a great achievement from our ancestor, the handmade stone work is amazing. They now renovate the complex, you have choices to transport by small train or car instead of walk to the temple. Tips is don't forget to bring small umbrella or at least wear a hat because it could be very hot or raining. You should hike to the top of the temple to see beautiful view with mountain and forest surrounding the temples.

So verry beautiful for your holiday. The historical place with good scenery and fresh air. If you want to enjoy this place it would be better if you go there in the early morning or in the afternoon, I suggest don’t go between 10:00AM-02:00PM because the sun will burn your skin unless if you take an umbrella.
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